Monday, April 29, 2013

Fitness Model and MMA practitioner Levente Mihalik

I recently shot the aspiring Vancouver fitness model and GSP (Georges St. Pierre) near dead ringer, Levente Mihalik. It was a little chilly that day in my studio due to a problem with my heater, so Levente did what he does... He brought the heat(er). Note to other models and such, when lugging around portable heaters, unplug them well before pack up time. HOT!

As stated, GSP, I mean Levente, is also an MMA practitioner. Though at this time, he has no desire to pursue it as a profession.  Though he has no ambitions of the UFC, he does love the incredible fitness rewards of training like a fighter. I'm pretty sure you'll agree, the hard work shows in his photos.

To contact Levente for Ad work etc, follow him on twitter: @leventeLCU

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