Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Commercial Fitness Photography - Tommy Europe

Recently my focus (seriously - no pun intended) photographically speaking, has shifted. Not only has there been a concerted effort made to hone in on my truest inspiration, but also to utilize more of my skill digitally. I am a Photoshop geek. I admit this and embrace it. I mean every photographer has at least some kind of relationship with Photoshop, but some of us have a long standing obsession. I realized that I have been manipulating images in Adobe PS -insert versions here- for over 15 years. A 15 year marriage in this era is a pretty successful one. Well recently, I suppose Photoshop and I renewed our vows... so to speak.

My new vision for my photography is this: Commercial Advertising - Specializing in Athletes & Musicians.

With this vision comes my desire to use my gifts and skills as an experienced image manipulator. With this specific mindset I am able to really be the best photographer and image creator I can be. I use HDR, lighting and Photoshop all as one package to deliver WOW factor images that are impossible under any other circumstance. I am looking to deliver a pinch of real, with a good dash of surreal. My hope is that this results in images that can only be considered UNREAL!

Here is an example of some of my new work with CFL champ, award winning personal trainer, SliceTV star of Bulging Brides & Last 10 Pounds Boot-camp, pro stuntman and all around great guy Tommy Europe.

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