Monday, June 11, 2012

Fitness Training Outline

And as promised the fitness training portion:

Monday: Quads & Calves

Squats 8×10 (3 warm up sets of 20-15 reps)
Leg Press 5×10
Seated Leg Extensions 5×10
Calf Press (Performed on Leg Press) 6×20
Seated Calf Press 4×20

Tuesday: Back & Forearms

Lat Pulldown 3×20-15 (warm up sets)
Weighted Pull Ups 4×10
V-Bar Rows 5×10
Barbell Rows (Wide Grip) 4×10
Close Grip Pulldown 3×10
Reverse EZ Bar Curl 4×15
Seated Wrist Curls 4×15

Wednesday: Shoulders & Calves

Seated Dumbbell Press 3×20-15 (warm up sets)
Clean & Press (Explosive Movement) 5×10
Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises/Rear Delt Cable Flys (Alt. each week) 4×10
Seated Military Smith Press (Back of Head) 3×10
Standing Lateral Raises 3×10
Calf Press (Performed on Leg Press) 6×20
Seated Calf Press 4×20

Thursday: Cardio & Abs

Cardio: Usually 40-60 minutes on a elliptical, at a moderate to high – causing a sweat after 20 minutes, increasing the resistance every 5-10 minutes. (I usually do this 2-4 times a week in the morning).

Hanging Leg Raises/or Lying Leg Raises 3×30
Seated Dumbbell Twists/ or Lying Side bends 3×30/50
High Cable Pulldowns/ or weighted crunches 3×30

Friday: Hamstrings & Lower Back

Lying Hamstring Curl 5×10 (2 warm up sets)
Stiff Legged Deadlift 5×10
High-Foot Leg Press/ or Long Step Lunges 4×15-10
Good Mornings 3×10
Seated Leg Curl 4×10

Saturday: Chest

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 6×15-10 (2 warm up sets)
Incline Dumbbell Flys 4×10
Cable Flys 3×10
Decline Barbell Press 5×10
Dumbbell Pullover 4×10

Sunday: Arms

Rope Pulldown 3×20-15 (warm up sets)
Weighted Dips 4×10
Lying EZ Tricep Extensions 4×10
Reverse EZ Bar Pulldown 4×10
Olympic Barbell Curls 5×10
Dumbbell Curls/ or Hammer Curls 4×10

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Fitness Outline

Due to the overwhelming requests for my training and diet plan outline, I have decided to post it for anyone to use as they see FIT. ;-)

Diet plan guideline

1 cup Steel cut oatmeal
Improve the taste and thermogenic properties with about a tbsp of cinnamon
Tbsp of chia seed
A little bit of unsweetened soy milk
A few berries (raspberry, strawberry, blue berry or blackberry) they are low in the glycemic index and very delicious.

Snack (About 2.5 hours later)
Protein drink with water or coffee
About 6 almonds

Lunch (about 2.5 hours later)
Chicken breast (or any lean meat)
Veggies - cooked or raw no sauce
Brown rice (about a cup)
(I add hot sauce to nearly every meal. It adds taste while not adding any unwanted calories and salt and it also increases the thermogenic properties).

Snack (About 2.5 hours later)
Protein drink with water or coffee
About 6 almonds

Dinner (about 2.5 hours later)
Chicken breast (or any lean meat)
Veggies - cooked or raw no sauce
1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado

Snack (About 2.5 hours later)
Plain Greek yogurt
Tbsp of cinnamon
About 6 almonds a couple dried cranberries
Chia or flax seed

Right before bed I have a casein protein drink. This type of protein is slow releasing and will nullify the catabolic affect. Essentially retaining muscle.

Post Workout
Different schedules create the need for a flexible workout schedule. With that being said your post work out meal has specific needs. So implement this meal rule for all post work out eating.

It is essential that the meal following your workout has protein and carbs. This is a good time to intake starchy carbs like a yams brown rice or even a banana. This meal is going replenish your glycogen stores and fuel your next workout.

Vegetables are a free food when prepared baked or boiled or roasted. None to little oil or sauces. So you can eat as much as you want. It will help you feel more full and help ensure that you are intaking good levels of nutrients.

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Weight lost. Life gained

Since I was a young man I always loved to workout. I was inspired by guys like Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. It was a relentless passion, training and reading, trying to learn how to be more effective in my approach.
All my hard work paid off, I kept myself in fairly good shape. I even worked for a couple gyms as a personal trainer after going to school for my BCRPA (fitness instructor certification). I used my fitness as a competitive edge in ice hockey. I also felt it made me more confident and energetic.
A few years ago we had a child. A wonderful little girl named Scarlett. All my training took a backseat for a few months prior to her birth and a few months after. During that time I got a little out of shape. I was just starting to get back into the swing of training, but I had a major setback. While doing some lifting at work, I injured my lower back. I twisted rapidly while lifting something heavy... Very bad technique. I was very much out of commission for nearly 3 years. Some days it took me 1/2 hour or more just to get out of bed and crawl to my clothing. It was completely life altering.

During this time I really feel like I lost myself. I felt tired all the time. I felt as though my ability to enjoy being at the gym or challenging myself in sport had vanished.
So what changed?
I changed my mind towards my fitness goals. I just wanted to do any kind of exercise I could safely perform. I started walking more at work. Taking stairs all the time. I would do 40 minutes of stair walking at work at a time. I starting training my abs everyday to try to alleviate my back pain. I decided that my back felt worse and wasn't getting better due to my new found gut.
As I slowly started to lose some weight I did feel a little better. This was inspiring to me. The most difficult thing was to juggle work and family needs with what is really somewhat of a selfish endeavor. But the reality hit me, it's not selfish at all. I have a responsibility as a dad and husband to take care of myself. It is no fun for anyone to have me incapable of playing or doing chores... Or even working.
So now we fast forward to 9 months that have elapsed. I have lost 40 lbs of fat. I have gained back 15 lbs of lost muscle. I went from a 36" waist to a 30" waist. I am currently down to a body fat % of about 10. My goal is 6% body fat and about 10lbs of muscle heavier. It is a very close and reachable goal now.

My back is about 70% most of the time. I have had to alter my training... But the important key is that I am training. Being consistent is the greatest requirement to achieve a fitness goal.

I will keep posting results and will post my training plan and diet next. I hope I can encourage and inspire as well as help with knowledge I have acquired.
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