Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Website Update

Hey folks welcome back! I have finally updated all of the image galleries at, I know I has been too long! Well I have been a very busy guy. I have been recently helping Vancouver band "One Bullet Resolution" with their album cover. I have also been shooting more Fine Art like this shot I took during an unusually foggy day in Vancouver.

If you enjoy this photo, please feel free to view ronperron photo & design to see more images, or to commission me for specific photography work.


Ron Perron

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year

Well I suppose it's time to write again, it has been a little while as I have been quite busy. 2008 was a really great year for this Vancouver based photographer. I took my dream of becoming a sustainably employed photographer and made it a reality. This year I shot a lot of people...and yes, they all enjoyed it! Well, all except a few angry kids at some weddings, but I'm not sure I was the source of their angst. Oh yeah, I guess the guy in the alley near the 2010 Olympic Village that tried to mug me was also not a fan. Thanks to Amato Gelato for letting me seek refuge as I called the Vancouver Police from my cell...The dangers of urban photography!

This year I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of bands and shooting promo material for them. One Bullet Resolution and Winterbride .
This was a great experience, the bands are both great. I have always had a passion for music, so this gives the perfect opportunity to blend my two favorite interests. I produced a slideshow for Winterbride from some of the photos in our shoot. It is set to a great song of theirs called "Heavy."

I look forward to another great year of forging relationships with great and interesting people, I truly feel blessed to be able to help capture moments that will become lasting memories.


Ron Perron Photography & Design